Preschool Goals


The goal of this program is to inspire in each child a joy for learning and to prepare them for an excellent kindergarten experience.  The curriculum nurtures the whole child and supports social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. To accomplish these goals we focus on five areas of development;

  • Cognitive development

  • Language and literacy development

  • Creative expression

  • Physical development and wellness

  • Social and emotional development

The daily lesson plans are theme based and provide flexible hands on experiences where children can learn by doing. Our preschool is a small group experience focusing on individual needs and development.  Our approach to learning is based on research that indicates that learning occurs for children through play and fun activities.  We also believe that children gain knowledge when they experience the world around them.


  • Ages kindergarten to middle school

  • Breakfast provided before school

  • Snacks provided after school

  • Homework assistance if needed

  • Supervised play

  • Games and arts and crafts available



  • Ages preschool through middle school

  • Includes weekly theme based activities 

  • Activities range from international cooking to music and science based themes

  • Provides learning activities in a fun and creative summer atmosphere